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In Transit Permits 

An In-Transit Permit is issued to authorize the movement of an unregistered vehicle or trailer between two points in Canada (the In-Transit Permit is only valid within Canadian borders). Either the starting point or ending point must be in Alberta.

When an unregistered vehicle or trailer is carrying a load, a Load Licensing Permit is required in addition to the In-Transit Permit. The client must contact Alberta Transportation for more information.

In-Transit Permits are only issued in the following situations:

  • Unregistered vehicles moving from point A to B
    (maximum of 7 days).

  • Towing
    (maximum of 7 days).

  • For demonstration/test drive purposes
    (maximum of 7 days).

  • Repairs/servicing
    (maximum of 7 days).

  • Salvage vehicles
    (maximum of 24 hours).

You can purchase an In-Transit Permit online if:

  • You have an unregistered vehicle or trailer that you want to move.

  • Your point of origin or point of destination is in Alberta.

  • You have valid insurance for the vehicle (insurance is not required for trailers).

  • You are not carrying a load.

A copy of the In-Transit Permit must be carried in the vehicle at all times during transportation.


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